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C'mon, Know the Causes of Uneven Baby's Head and How to Overcome It

When a baby is born in normal labor, it is not uncommon for mothers to see the baby's head looking uneven or not perfectly round. Don't worry, mother. There are several causes for a baby's head to be uneven and know how to deal with it. Baby's head is not perfectly round after birth is a common thing that is often encountered. Mother may worry that this condition will be prolonged and interfere with his appearance as an adult. Actually, this condition is natural, especially in newborns, and generally the shape of the head will return to normal as time goes by and the baby's development. Various Causes of Uneven Baby's Head About 1 in 5 babies born has a head shape disorder, so this problem is still relatively common. There are several causes that generally can affect the shape of a newborn's head, such as: Baby's skull bones are still very soft, so they can change shape when passing through the birth canal. The process of giving birth to a baby
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Is it safe to consume MSG when pregnant

Mother of course is no stranger to flavoring or monosodium glutamate (MSG) which is often used in cooking. Although certain levels of MSG are considered safe, Mother still needs to be aware of the effects that may result. MSG has a form that resembles salt or refined sugar. This material is made from the amino acid glutamic which is found in almost all foods high in protein and contains sodium (sodium). Glutamate is often referred to as umami or the fifth taste on the human tongue, after being sweet, salty, bitter, and sour. Not many people know that MSG is actually naturally found in certain foods such as parmesan cheese, tomatoes, soy extract and seaweed. Considering MSG Safety Artificial MSG has long been used as a food flavoring. In some people, the consumption of MSG causes certain reactions, such as headaches, sweating, tight face, chest pain, weakness, nausea, irregular heartbeat, tingling, and numbness. The reaction that occurs is usually very mild, not much, and does not

This is the reason you should give birth at the hospital

Childbirth does not have to be in the hospital. You can choose to give birth with the help of a midwife in the clinic, or even at home if possible. However, there are several medical reasons that make the process of giving birth in the hospital can be the right choice. Although fairly complete, still giving birth in the hospital requires special preparation. Be sure to choose the right hospital so you can undergo a healthy and comfortable labor. Why give birth at the hospital? Some pregnant women think giving birth in a hospital makes them lose privacy. However, giving birth in a clinic or at home can make it difficult for you to access a complete health facility, especially if there are problems during delivery. The following are some of the medical reasons for giving birth in a hospital: Professional medical personnel You can consult directly with a doctor who checks for pregnancy and will handle your labor. Giving birth in a hospital is the safest choice. Generally hospita

This Is What To Do When Preparing A Baby Shower

Baby shower is one of the programs which is believed to be an encouragement for expectant mothers before giving birth. Baby showers are generally held by people closest such as friends or colleagues, or family, to provide support for prospective mothers to welcome the arrival of their beloved baby. Baby showers are expected to help expectant mothers to be better prepared and have adequate equipment when the baby is born. Also in order to reduce stress or worries that may be felt in preparing for childbirth and caring for the little one later. Make Baby Shower a Fun Event One thing that must be considered when holding a baby shower is to determine whether this event will be held as a surprise or not. For this reason, consider whether expectant mothers prefer surprise parties, or prefer to be involved in their preparations. After that, you can start preparing the baby shower to be a fun event for everyone present. Here are some guidelines for preparing a baby shower event that you

Mother, Take Time To Stay Happy

A woman's responsibility as a wife, parent, and even breadwinner, has a lot of pressure and problems. So that all activities can work well, Mother needs to manage everything. Many of the women who forget to rest do not even pay attention to themselves, because of their busy schedule. For that, how important is Mother to have free time or Me Time in the midst of various activities. Do the fun thing According to research that shows that many women today are less happy than women in the last 40 years. One of the main causes is the lack of time for themselves. Though this free time is needed by women to maintain mental health because it has been all day taking care of the house, children, work, not even a few who have to take care of their parents who are sick. Without the opportunity to make time for yourself, it not only makes us feel tired more easily, but also more vulnerable to stress. Doing Me Time on the sidelines of the time you have, can help relieve stress, so you can